Adopt RetAPPs’ innovative solutions for the Retail market and provide your customers with a better shopping experience before, during and after each shopping session.
A complete shopping experience in a single Platform...
  • Interactive shopping lists, in-store and out-of-store
  • Product interaction, for additional information and related products
  • In-store and out-of-store digital coupons and profiled promotions
  • Mobile Self Scanning with automatic update of shopping lists and promotions
  • Self Scanning on in-store devices such as Zebra MC18
  • Web and Smartphone-based Select & Collect
  • Secure payment at check-out from the smartphone
…with the support of a powerful and integrated back-end
  • Customer registration and profiling
  • Shopping behaviour monitoring
  • Creation and real-time management of digital offers and promotions
  • Management of targeted promotions
  • Fidelity programs
  • Redemption and clearing of digital coupons
  • Integration with check-out and payment systems
Enter the world of RetAPPs, choose SmartBip
SmartBip: a highly innovative technology for a guaranteed result
Shopping Lists
Creation of an interactive shopping list and checklist of products once in store. Interaction with the retailer to receive real time special offers.
Smart scanning
Learn about the products, receive information on current special offers and, once in store, create a virtual shopping cart.
Select & Collect
Book your shopping and collect it at your favorite store. Pick the products with dedicated Android devices.
Mobile Payment
Check out and payment via Smartphone. Security guaranteed for all sensitive data.